Grounds Maintenance

Our companies main service, and therefore an art we feel we have perfected, is grounds maintenance. We look after sites all over the United Kingdom, ensuring our clients standards are met to the finest details. We pride ourselves on providing the best service possible, whilst keeping our prices reasonable and affordable.


We never miss a site visit, whatever the weather. This means the sites we maintain look great all year round. Even if it means kitting up and getting to work on Christmas Eve!


Sometimes, outside of our usual site visits, a client may require an extra visit, due to upcoming important events. or for other reasons. We will always be prepared and ready to provide the extra work required to make your big day a success.


Due to the respected experience of our staff members, we place great importance on looking and acting the part. This means any impression made whilst we are on site will be a good one.


We like to communicate with our clients as regularly as possible, ensuring our work is meeting their standards. Often this communication will simply be through submitted reports and photographs, showing the work we have been doing.


Whatever the nature of the site, we are capable of creating the maintenance schedule you require. Business parks, shopping centres, housing estates,  industrial estates – we have the staff and knowledge for any situation.


Within our company, the value of hard work flows through everything we do. We not only work hard for you and your site, but because of the pride we have in our own abilities and qualities. Our work ethic is our greatest company quality.

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